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The Gluten Management Association (GMA) is a not-for-profit body dedicated to supporting makers, servers and sellers of gluten-free food for people with gluten related disorders including coeliac disease. In doing so, it complements organisations which look to the health and well-being of people who must not eat gluten. It’s one of the aims of GMA to collaborate with these organisations and allow them to concentrate on their important work without concern for the availability and quality of gluten free food for their community.

Specifically, GMA encourages and assists people and organisations to adopt, develop and implement management system standards for the making and sale of gluten-free food. Read more

Anecdotal evidence shows that many gluten-free claims are without substance despite the best intentions of providers. GMA is interested in reducing the risk of gluten being present in gluten-free food separately from others supporting gluten intolerant victims. GMA will seek to collaborate with other organisations interested in improving the quality of gluten-free food from seed in the ground to the consumer. Read more

Managing gluten is important because it is impossible or prohibitively expensive to verify that gluten is not present in the result of the process of making gluten-free food unless tests are performed.

Gluten contamination can occur at any one of the numerous steps required to make gluten-free food. It has been shown scientifically that managing the quality of products is best achieved by managing the process of production, every step of the way. Inspecting and testing products at the end of any multi steps process is not a reliable way of ensuring quality. Read more

It’s the nature of well managed systems that they become more effective and efficient as technology advances. Thus GMA is here to encourage, promote and support the continual improvement of gluten-free management systems. Read more